Technical information

To create a warm, dynamic authentic, typically European sound our pianodesigners re-introduced a wooden beam on which the actionparts are mounted.
The designers also re-introduced wooden pedalrods and a wooden moderator. Every Sabel piano has a solid Spruce soundboards, known as the hart of every acoustic instrument. These wooden parts and solid spruce soundboard in combination with the German Röslau strings and German hammerheads Wilhelm Zimmermann pianos provide an optimal warm, brilliant, dynamic and pleasant sound.

  • Swiss tradition since 1875
  • Swiss quality, know how and technology
  • Made under licence by Pianorama Switserland LTD
  • Swiss extra; 100 % made by professionals
  • Assembled with specially selected materials
  • Vacuum forged metal frame
  • Impregnated wrest plank
  • German hammerheads
  • Professional German action
  • Solid steel wrestpins
  • European, Italian soundboards
  • Constructed for ALL CLIMATES
  • European "timbre" (deep, warm,sparkling and dynamic emotional tone)
  • Tuning stability
  • ISO 9001


Sabel SA-1 EBP

Sabel SA-1 WHP

Sabel SA-3X

Sabel UP-131YH


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