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The renowned Swiss brand Sabel, founded in 1842 in Rorschach, Switzerland. Since June 2013 this famous brand has  been added to the list of brands which are built under licence of Pianorama Switzerland LTD. In the year 2000, Pianorama founded the so-called pianorama-team, a unique global partnership of experienced pianobuilders.
The redevelopment of Sabel pianos is the latest project of the pianorama-team. All Sabel instruments have a wooden beam mechanism, traditional wooden moderator, completely wooden pedal work, the well-known 'Strunz' soundboard and Abel hammerheads. The use of first-class traditional materials makes the Sabel pianos sound like a European piano should sound,  warm, brilliant and above all dynamic. In the Benelux Acustica Piano's & vleugels in Breda is the exclusive distributor of Sabel instruments.
Acustica is since the founding in 2000 an appreciated and respected member of  the pianorama-team.

International succes

Besides Sabel pianos the pianorama team also produces Hermann Jacobi, Wilh. Zimmermann, Römhildt-Weimar and Gebr. Neumeyer pianos and grand pianos.
Many thousands of our beautifull instruments developed by our piano-team have found their way to concerthalls, conservatory, music schools, living room and other occasions. The Swiss pianorama-team gets international recognition for their success.

The philosophy behind Sabel Pianos

"A Sabel piano has only right to exist and is only truly valuable if it is perceived as distinctive character and emotion."
In Sabel pianos, tone, character, perfomance and purchase price, flow into one an other! 
The objective of this unique global partnership is the manufacture and development of very affordable and high-quality pianos.



Sabel SA-1 EBP

Sabel SA-1 WHP

Sabel SA-3X

Sabel UP-131YH


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